Thursday, February 24, 2011

Married Blogger Woman

first post as a married woman!!!

yes I am married!!!! and im lovin it...

ish nak ke tak continue having second thoughts. i just dont seem to have the time to blog..but do love blogging and editing pictures. but just dont have the time.

when i have the time i think ill do more posts. only bile dh berhenti keja la gamaknyeeeeeee (only after i quit my job i guess)

till then...

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

QUE-ANNE plans to be back online!!!!

i miss blogging. Which has made me decide to start blogging again!!

my last post was july 15 2009!!

talk about a long hiatus!!!!!

bare with me!! i will be back!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

HP 6!!

esok malam nk gi tgk Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince!!
my other saga obsession huhu


KS month??

ok since im like been sitting infront of the tube forever i notice astro has been showing alot of movies tht have Kristen Stewart in it..

is this a sign? wat sign?? haha im talking nonsense. maybe its all the New Moon excitement i guess hehe

some movies tht have KS in it tht ive been watching are like
Into The Wild (2007)
Catch tht Kid (2004)
Cold Creek (2003)

oh well...



yeah ive been away for a looooooooooooooooooooooooong silence!
its not like ive been bz or anything..just my stupid keyboard is doing some problems and bought me a new external keyboard. skit nk blogging.

what have i been up too? hurm alot of shooting (pics ok), graduation "settlement", alot of swimming, i guess thts about it..well nothing much but im just waitin for the lil kid to arrive. and somewhere in november im gonna start working. As wat? well tht would be a surprise....huhu

this past weekend Barri came to shoot some pictures of my sis and b4 tht me and my other 2 buds (alia & hilmi aka sis & bro) fooled around..ala2 modelling gitu..we had fun..but man was it short coz the drama queen dh sampai (excuse her..she's pregnant huhu)

so wat if its cheezy but i just love jumping wen taking pictures hehe

right on!!

location of the pictures were taken around the house. huhu

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The One With Brotherly LOVE *click read more to see the updated one*

i found this on YouTube and its an old vid. but man is this cute and funny..haha and just love love tht British accent kids hehe. this is the original vid. and below some dude made a remix of the vid. haha so funny!

and this one is like soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo dem funny..these brothers made a parody of the ori vid. hahaha it totally cracked me up!!!


Sunday, June 21, 2009

The One With OH Melaka


ugh...i have like a desperate pain in my stomach whenever i think of Melaka. i sooooooooo miss Melaka isk! i miss Sagil, late night McD, burger techno, movies argh! rindu rindu rindu..

what have i been up too? oh well other ppls assignments, coming up with ideas for my room in Puchong, looking for part time jobs, watching a whole lot of TV, sleep..huhu in some ways i kinda cant wait for depressing is tht. but im not ready laaa. i still am a disney freak inside ahaha..oh well life goes on

*peace ppl*

Friday, June 19, 2009

The One With Now & Then

i just love this movie
it just makes u wanna have this sort of childhood and a group of friends just like this
huhu wish i was 12 again


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The One With FOUND!

today im soooooooo happy! I went out to IKEA to get an idea of how i want my new room to look like and all. Singgah POPULAR and i finally FOUND "A walk to remember" the book! last time i read it was like wen i was 16 or 17 and it was soooooo good! better than the movie! huhu

also me and my sis induldged on this piece of cake (which i think should be a candy bar) from IKEA's cafeteria..i just thought it deserved to be blogged coz it was sooooooo good...mind the fugly pic. its from my fon and i didnt bring my memory card adapter so i snapped this pic which is pic from my fon..huhu

and lastly i bought a scarf..huhu ala2 Yuna la ni..

another good day at home..MMUians starting class and im out shopping muahahaha


Monday, June 15, 2009

The One With the Carlisle Tag

hehe i read an interview from OK magazine with Peter Facinelli who plays Dr Carlisle Cullen in Twilight. It was just some questions about some of the last things he did. I thought it would be a fun tag nyeh nyeh

Last Time I Said "I LOVE YOU":

just now i finished 2 of the Twilight 3 disc pack and i enjoyed it sooooooooooo much huhu and i said I LOVE YOU to my 3 disc pack! huhu

Last Romantic Thing I Did For Someone:

hurm...lemme recall..i dont know if it was really the last romantic thing i did but basically i wrote a note for Barri and pasted it on his window so tht wen he wakes up he would see it hehe (awwwwww)

Last Time I Lied:

i told a certain someone i already bathed wen actually i didnt yet nyeh nyeh (hey im on my HOLIDAY!!)

Last Text I Texted:

i texted Barri "you tk baca pon kan. All 3 of those ppl look the same la"

he asked me about my recent post on Monica Belluci huhu.

Last Time I Was Starstruck:

wen i got my Twilight 3 disc pack. it wasnt really Starstruck per say but waddahell..Sure felt like Edward was in the room huhu

Last Meal Before I Die:

tk nk pk leh huhu

Last Time I Cried:

yesterday. i was watching an epi of LA link and there was this dad who wanted a tattoo of his baby girl on his chest. His baby died of health complication and she was like a few months old. He wanted the tattoo on his chest coz that was where he use to lay his baby's head on. waaaaaa sob sob

Tag 8 ppl (Why 8? Coz i want too huhu)

**Farah Wahid